Beginner Adults Beginner Progression Adults

Independent of your watersports background we teach you every aspect about hydrofoling, how to wingfoil and how to get autonomous as quick as possible. 
● Private Wingfoil Lesson● Semi-Private Wing Foil Lesson● Wingfoil Clinics Sydney (Sat & Sun)


Beginner Kids (9-16y)Beginner Progression Kids

We offer Private Lessons & Holiday Camps for kids (9-16y) taught with gear and teaching styles tailored to kids to keep it fun and safe. Our coaches come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, all the winging equipment and safety boat. 
● Private Wingfoil Lessons● Holiday Camps● Groups

Intermediate RidersIntermediate Kids (9-16y)

You are an intermediate rider and aiming to improve specific skills as jibes, tacks, foot switches and entry level freestyle moves. Book a private lesson and join our regular group training events. 
● Private Wingfoil Lesson● Semi-Private Wing Foil Lesson● Wingfoil Camps Sunshine Coast (3 days)● Regular Group Training Events

Expert & Pro Riders

We help Expert & Pro Riders to discover their full potential throughout all disciplines of Wingfoiling. 
● Race Course Training● Freestyle● Towing ● Functional Fitness● Athlete Management

Our Lessons, Clinics & Camps


    1 Student per coach$355 for 2h | $525 for 3h | $850 for 5h


      Private wingfoil lessons are an excellent way to progress and learn the sport of wingfoiling. With one-on-one instruction from one of our licensed pro-instructors, the student will receive personalized attention and tailored guidance to progress quickly and safely. Private lessons can also be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the student, making it easier to fit lessons into a busy schedule. Overall, private wingfoil lessons offer a great opportunity to learn the sport in a comfortable and supportive environment. The student will be fully equipped with the latest wingfoil equipment for your lesson from the Hydrofoil Academy's Rental Shop.

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    2 Students per coach$235 for 2h | $300 for 3h | $495 for 5h (per student)


      Semi-private wingfoil lessons are a great way to learn the sport of wingfoiling with a friend or family member. With two students and one instructor, semi-private lessons provide a personalized and social learning experience. Students can share the cost of the lesson and still receive individual attention and tailored guidance to help them progress quickly and safely. Semi-private lessons also offer the opportunity to learn from each other and share the excitement of learning a new sport together. Overall, semi-private wingfoil lessons are a fun, affordable, and effective way to learn and enjoy the thrill of wingfoiling. Students will be fully equipped with the latest wingfoil equipment for the lesson from the Hydrofoil Academy's Rental Shop.

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    max of 3 Students per coach$990 for a 2 day camp (per student)


      LEARN TO FLY A HYDROFOIL & WIND WING HANDLING (Suitable for Beginners)
      The perfect fast track training program for beginners who are looking to get into the sport of Wing Foiling. The course covers the basics of Wing Foiling and at completion you should be able to keep progressing on your own. We will run the class Saturday & Sundays, from 8am to 3pm. COURSE STRUCTURESaturday Morning session● Theory, technique & dynamics of Hydrofoils● Muscle group engagement for Hydrofoiling● Hydrofoil towing behind a powered boat● 1h Lunch break
      Saturday Afternoon session● Theory, technique & dynamics of flying a wing● Basic handling of a wind wing on the beach● Wind wing handling, sailing directions● Manoeuvres: jibe ● Paddling with a wing
      Sunday Morning session● Warm up ● Revision of basic handling of a wind wing on the beach● Wind wing handling, sailing directions, working on upwind and foil engagement● Introduction to the tack● Practising jibes 
      Sunday Afternoon session● Wind wing handling, sailing directions, working on upwind and foil engagement
      All wingfoil equipment, boat and instructions are included. Participants only need to bring a wetsuit and their biggest smile ;-)

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    For kids aged 9-16 years of ageDuration: 5 day course from 9am-3pmMaximum group size: 12 participantsCost: $995 per student


      During school holidays we are running specifically designed 5 day Wingfoil Camps during school holidays for kids aged between 9 to 16 years.

      Students are getting introduced to the exciting sport of Hydrofoiling in a structured and safe format. All aspects of Hydrofoiling leading to Wingfoiling will be covered during the 5 day course. To keep the attention spam high at all times, we integrated fun games, functional exercises and team building.

      Our Wingfoiling Camps are suitable for kids aged 9years and above and run during all major school holiday periods throughout the year. Our school facility including our hydrofoil specific shop is based at the Woollahra Sailing Club, at 2 Vickery rd, Rose Bay, 2029 NSW.

      All Hydrofoil Academy Australia courses are fun, safe and fully supervised by qualified Sailing Australia & Kiteboarding Australia instructors.

      Maximum group size: 12 participants

      The cost includes instruction, powered boat, wingfoil and other related equipment usage.

      What to Bring
      -Board shorts, rashie and wetsuit (wetsuits & helmets can be purchased at our shop)
      -A change of warm clothes, towel
      -Sunscreen and hat/baseball cap
      -A packed lunch and drink (including snacks) (NO NUTS)
      - ...

      Choose your preferred date & time by clicking the button below. For questions or more info, please give us a call on 0405 174 027 (Chris) or 0426 551 033 (Gav).

      Dates: Click below for bookings or call us
      Duration: 5 days from 9am-3pm


Our location

Hydrofoil Academy is Australia's highest rated and most progressive Wingfoil school. 

"Every day We Make New Hydrofoilers" and we are proud to contribute significantly to the growth of the Australian Wingfoil community. Our centre is conveniently located in Rose Bay at the Woollahra Sailing Club. Our Sydney harbour location not only offers Sydney's most amazing after work sunset sessions but also clear blue waters and fantastic wind conditions all year round.