Location: Woollahra Sailing Club, Rose Bay

The Entry Level into handling a Wind Wing for Wingfoiling 

This is the perfect class for everyone who wants to get into Wingfoiling and who has tow foiled behind a boat. This 3h lesson will teach you the ins and outs about how to fly a Wind Wing and how to navigating a wing foil board successfully up and downwind. Students with windsurfing background might be able to successfully get on foil by the end of the lesson. 
Participants are getting introduced to the equipment and learn about the shape of a wing and the different wind wing technologies available in the market. They learn how to fly and handle a Wind Wing on land before getting introduced to board and the basics about how to stand up and navigate with a with wing. Once all land based exercises have been completed the students are taking the new learned skills to the water and put them into practice.
Our proven step by step teaching method gives students a fast track start into hydrofoiling. All classes start at our school facility & hydrofoil shop based at the Woollahra Sailing Club. During autumn and winter we recommend to bring a wetsuit. Our school and instructors are licensed and insured by Australian Sailing and Kiteboarding Australia.  
Our school is using the latest and most advanced foiling technology by North, Lift and Armstrong.
Who's it for: Students who are learning to Wingfoiling or building their skills for Wingfoiling. Students who already completed the Beginner Tow Foiling Class
Cost overview & optionsa) Group Winging class with a group size from 2-4 foil surfers, $295ppb) Private Winging class (2h), $355ppc) Private Winging class (3h), $525pp
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All hydrofoil gear for the lesson is supplied

Kiteboarding Australia & Australian Sailing Qualified Instructors

Lessons available 7 days a week

Gift certificates available online