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Learning is a unique and individual process and everyone progresses at their own pace. The number of lessons required to achieve your goals will depend on various factors, including your previous experience with board sports, wind sports and other related activities. 

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    Full Day Wing Foiling Course

    The perfect fast track training program for beginners who are looking to get into the sport of Wing Foiling. This course covers the all aspects and basics of an Entry Level Wing Foil Course. By the end of the course, you'll have a great foundation in wingfoiling and the skills to continue exploring this incredible sport on your own.
    When do we run this course: Fridays and Sundays (occasionally on Saturdays) from 8am to 3pm. Join as a group (minimum 3) and choose your own date & time
    Cost: 3h + 3h $595 per person

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    Hydrofoil Towing Class for Beginners

    A comprehensive lesson covering all aspects of hydrofoiling. We run this lesson as a 3h format for first timers or for 2h as a tow foil training lesson.
    Who's it for: Getting into: Wingfoiling, Surf Foiling (Proning), Downwinding, Wake Foiling or as a follow up lesson to acquire more time on the foil. 
    Cost: 2h lesson $195 or 3h lesson $295 per person

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    Wind Winging for Beginners

    This 3h lesson will teach you how to fly a Wind Wing and how to navigating a wing foil board successfully up and downwind. Students with windsurfing background might be able to successfully get on foil by the end of the lesson. This lesson can be run as a group, semi private or private lesson. 
    Who's it for: Getting into & building skills for Wingfoiling
    Cost: $295-$525

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    Private Hydrofoil Lesson

    Private wingfoil lessons are an excellent way to progress and learn. With one-on-one instruction from one of our licensed pro-instructors, the student receives personalised attention and tailored guidance to progress quick and safely. 
    Private lessons can be scheduled at a convenient time making it easier to fit lessons into a busy schedule. Overall, private lessons offer a great opportunity to learn the sport in a comfortable and supportive environment. All students have access to the latest equipment for from North, Lift, Amos. 
    Who's it for: Progressing in: Wingfoiling, Surf Foiling (Proning) and Downwinding.
    Cost: $355 for 2h | $525 for 3h | $995 for 5h

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    Hydrofoil Advanced + Jet Ski Towing

    In this advanced lesson we will be using a Jet Ski to tow into waves, allowing you to take your riding to the next level. This lesson is perfect for foilers who are already confident riding prone and are looking to perfect their style, improve pumping, connect waves, increase speed and capture some epic video footage. During the lesson, you'll receive personalised coaching tailored to your current skills and goals. The instructor will provide valuable tips and techniques to help you improve your performance and take your wave riding abilities to new heights. All students have access to the latest equipment for from North, Lift, Amos. Location TBC  
    Who's it for: Intermediate & Advanced Prone Foilers. This lesson is for advanced prone foilers who already have experience towing behind a boat.
    Cost:  Private lesson: $355 for 2h or $525 for 3h or as shared Private lesson (2pax) $235 for 2h or $350 for 3h 

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    Hydrofoiling Full Day Out

    This is a day out (5 hours) – all to yourself or with your mates! With a coach, boat or jet ski to yourself, you’ll be able to practice, get towed into waves but most of all progress your skills and have lots of fun. All students have access to the latest equipment for from North, Lift and Amos. 
    Who's it for: Progressing in: Wingfoiling, Surf Foiling (Proning) and Downwinding.
    Cost: $995 for 5h

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    Foil Progression Camps

    Foil Progression for intermediate Wing- and Prone Foilers with the best coaching at the perfectly location. Our small group will escape the Sydney grind for 3 days to have some fun & progression foiling in the sun ;-); With one thing in mind, to drastically improve at the sport we love so much. All students have access to the latest equipment for from North, Lift and Amos. 
    Who's it for: Wingfoilers & Pronefoilers. As a Wingfoiler you who can go upwind, be on foil and want to improve manoeuvres as tacks, jibes, footswitches, jumps. As a prone foiler you can paddle into waves, pop up and want to improve on your pumping and linking wave skills.
    Cost: $1595 for 2.5days

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    School Holiday Wingfoil Camps (9-16y) 

    During school holidays we are running specifically designed 5 day Wingfoil Camps during school holidays for kids aged between 9 to 16 years. Our school facility including our hydrofoil specific shop is based at the Woollahra Sailing Club, at 2 Vickery rd, Rose Bay, 2029 NSW.

    All Hydrofoil Academy Australia courses are fun, safe and fully supervised by qualified Sailing Australia & Kiteboarding Australia instructors.

    Maximum group size: 12 participants

    Who's it for: Kids aged between 9 to 16 years
    Cost: $995 for 5days

All hydrofoil gear for the lesson is supplied

Kiteboarding Australia & Australian Sailing Qualified Instructors

Lessons available 7 days a week

Gift certificates available online