The Pump Clinic- Take your pumping to the next level -

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    Fast Track Your Pump Progression Journey

    Are you looking to finesse your pumping technique to connect more waves or you wanna fast track your pump progression journey; The clinics are dedicated to perfect your style, increase your pump speed, teach you how to do a carved turn and how to time turning on wave. We'll also introduce you to various drills and exercises that will strengthen your muscles and improve your pumping efficiency. From small, controlled pumps to powerful, continuous strokes, you'll learn the range of pumping styles and how to adapt them to different hydrofoil conditions. 
    The clinic includes:● Pump dry training● Prone & Wake Foil Instructor Team (Victor, Gav & Chris)● Drills behind the boat or jetski (dependent on location)● A dedicated pump course set up● Access to the latest foil & prone board technology ● Access to the latest Foil Drive and Stoke Foil Boost● Maximum group size per instructor 6
    The clinic is perfect for foilers who are already riding prone and are looking to perfect their style, improve pumping, connect waves, increase speed and capture some epic video footage. This lesson will be held at Rose Bay or the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 
    Who's it for: Intermediate & +Entry Level Prone Foilers with towing experience behind a boat or jetski. 
    Formats & cost:  3h Clinic: $225pp5h Group lesson: $355pp 

Professional Prone Foil Progression 

Mobility Training to improve fine range motion

Kiteboarding Australia & Australian Sailing Qualified Instructors

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