Takoon V2 Wind Wing Review, Model 2022

Takoon V2 Wind Wing Review, Model 2022

Gav and Chris are reviewing in this video Takoon's brand new V2 Wind Wing in depth.

Over the last 2 years the iconic French Kitesurf and Wingfoil brand Takoon has been a highly proactive player in the development of high performance wingfoil equipment. Their V1 Wind Wing has been a huge success in Europe and up to date is probably still one of the best performing wings on the market today. Takoon's brand new 2022 V2 Wind Wing has raised the bar in terms of performance, weight, simplicity, handling and durability. On top, it's an amazingly good looking wing ;-)

New features:

- An extra depower handle has been added to the sizes 2.5, 3 and 3.5 for more comfort in extreme wind conditions

- New leading edge diameter (2.5 to 4.5)

- New reduced wing span (for 5.5/6/7) for more comfort in manoeuvring and less touching when pumping.

- New pressure :The recommended pressure is 7 psi maximum 8 psi.

- New Valves : A new inflation valve on the leading edge allows more precisely to control the pressure in the wing. This valve is compatible with most pumps on the market and no longer requires an adapter. To simplify the deflation of the batten we have added a deflation valve.

- New reinforcements: The V2 benefits from all the latest reinforcements to allow for a longer life span.

- New bag :The new bag allows you to leave the batten inflated for faster storage and drying

Takoon is now available in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We usually have plenty of wind wings in stock. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or if you would like to demo the new Takoon V2 Wind Wing.




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