New Armstrong Product release: HA725 & HA1325

New Armstrong Product release: HA725 & HA1325

Armie at Armstrong Foils has been working on these beauties for a while to get them tuned in and dialled up.

The HA725 is a weapon and has way more range than you might think of such a small wing. Don't be thinking it's only for the lightweights, towing in or winging this little blade brings a smile to the biggest faces too.

The HA1325 is at the other end of the scale and is the glide monster of all time! Winging, it has you riding at high speed in light winds, glides forever for tacks and gybes. For sure suited to bigger riders but anyone can make it turn…

The best way to exploit the potential of the HA range is to get the tail wing shimmed up. As the wing span is so large you need to unlock the maneuverability potential by loosing up the tail. Shimming it will achieve this.

Using the 232 on the HA925 and above, we suggest at least a 0.5 shim and for super loose - a 1 + 0.5 degree shim ... Just move the mast forward to correct the foot pressure.

Using the Flying V with the HA925 or above we suggest no shim for regular riders and for the loose feeling a 0.5 or next level a  1 degree!

There is a dedicated HA 195 tail coming soon too that is designed to be the perfect partner to all the HA front wings.