Takoon Wind Wing V2 (2022 model)
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Takoon Wind Wing V2 (2022 model) (TAKV2)

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Takoon's Wing Wing model V2 replaces the previous version of the V2 and the hugely successful V1. The V2 wing has become a bestseller in Europe and the USA. It is probably the most dynamic and powerful wing currently available.

It's performance, feather light weight, shape and quality has set a new benchmark. The V2 is ultra light, compact and highly efficient. From beginner to the expert, whatever the conditions of the day are, it feels incredibly comfortable to fly. It is definitely suitable for all Wing Foil disciplines as: freeride, surfing, downwind, freestyle or race.

Simplifying the V1 model while optimising the balance, the power, the de-power, the stability and the comfort was Takoon's priority for this Wing V2. The additional reinforcements made to the wing do not seem to affect the weight.

We reviewed the wing for you here on Youtube.

New Handles :
The new handles offer many advantages: The two handles are perfectly positioned and make the wing fly on its own in any manoeuvre. The larger size of each handle allow the hands to be moved forward or backward in order to increase or decrease power from the wing. The length of each handle additionally allows the rider to optimise the stability, balance and comfort of each size during the flight/ride.

The handles are rigid to not move in the different axes and to keep their position in the manoeuvres, as well as allowing for maximum control and comfort in gusts.

Surf Handle:
The surf handle has been shifted in the axis of the batten for an even more stable ride in freefly.

New Extra De-Power Handle (2.5 to 3.5):
An additional de-power handle has been added to the 2.5, 3 and 3.5 model. This handle revolutionises the riders comfort in extreme wind conditions. As the wind exceeds 30 knots, the pressure on the front hand and the movement of the kite on the leading edge becomes increasingly important, creating an uncomfortable and sometimes uncontrollable ride.

The extra de-power handle handle has been designed to considerably soften the movement of the ears and the leading edge and reduce the pressure on the front hand. It's a great new feeling that allows to more comfort in stronger and gusty conditions.

New Leading Edge Diameter (2.5 to 4.5)
The leading edge diameter has been slightly increased in the smaller sizes from 2.5m to 4.5m to provide more rigidity and performance.

New Reduced Wing Span (for 5.5/6/7):
The wingspan of the 5.5m, 6m and 7m sizes has been reduced significantly for more comfort in manoeuvres and allowing an optimised pumping dynamic (tips do not touch the water when pumping).

New Pressure :
All our wings are optimised to offer more stiffness, to translate wind input into power more directly and without compromising comfort. The same pressure of 7-8 psi for all sizes (2.5m to 7m). The recommended pressure is 7 psi maximum 8 psi.

New Valves :
A new inflation precision valve on the leading edge allows you to know more precisely the pressure in the wing. This valve is compatible with most pumps on the market and no longer requires an adapter. To simplify the deflation of the batten we have added a deflation valve.

New Reinforcements:
The V2 benefits received a reinforcements upgrade, to protect the wing and allow you to use it for much longer.

New Bag/Backpack :
The new bag allows you to leave the batten inflated for faster storage and drying